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put a gun to my head now........

Well, this is harder than i dreamt it would be! Seeing justin and trina together, as an item, isnt a day at the park. I thought i was gonna really lose my cookies on friday, on the way home. I literally felt sick, like puking. Then her always interluding with things like, "Yea, we made out on the trampoline", and crap. Its harsh. Making out with someone for 2 wks in a row never had such daft consequences.....its fresh thats 4 damn sure. Im gonna go....feeling too much emotion never did ne one good.....Love ya, Kiana

PS......To Shaun...hope u get this......u hurt me real bad shaun, real bad....i was trying to tell u how i felt, and u threw it in my face, thats ok, its not like u havent done it before, bye.
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