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I might break a nail.......please......

Just please stick them up......I mean, I really need this money for my prom dress, please, lol. That's what me and trina call a band robbery. Teeeheee! Well, I guess that today was OK, me and tommy were spending alone time in the locker room in band today all period, it was fun, I love spending time with him, he is such a sweetheart. Last nite there was a problem tho, like, its hard to explain but actions speak louder than words....lets just put it that way. Talkin to kayleigh, shes scarin me, lol, mom says that im not supposed to talk to her or stacy, which makes sense because of the hateful things that her and kayleigh have been saying and writing to my mom! I love my bf........anyway....gonna go...c if my comments to the world....Kiana!
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