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This entire entry is dedicated to Tommy, because and only because I just realized how lucky I am to have him.

On February 22nd, of 1989, the person that I love the most was born. From that day on he was to be known as Thomas Scott Stephens Jr. and he was to meet me in the 8th grade. His father left his life very abruptly and because of that he was made emotionally stronger. To this day he still wonders why his father acted before he thought, put him through what he did, and now because of his daft actions, can no longer see his son, talk to him unsupervised, or even live near him any more. Tommy was given a baby brother about a year after his mother remarried. She married a man names Tom Conrecode, whom had 2 sons and a daughter. Tommy's baby brother, Griffith, is now two. Tommy now attends Gulf Coast High School, is happily attched to me, plays bass clairnet in the band, is on Mu Alpha Theta(math team), is very very smart, and lives in Naples, with his step father and mother, and baby brother Griffy.

I love you Tommy, so very very much. I won't make the mistake of losing you like Trina did with Justin. I promise to be with you for as long as it is in my power!
Love you all, Kiana/Tommy's baby
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