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I really don't grasp the concept of people, who insist on being such....what's that word.....traitors! This blog is about sarah, she decided that she wasn't going to show up at the sleepover that me, trina, and her had planned o so long ago.....instead...she decided to go to a gang bang/party/orgy/drug bust.....UHH...why must all my friends eventually betray me?!...Finny says that i am being EMO..and i dont know what she means by that.

tommiezgrl69: u cant have him...and u know it
luvhayte0350: yea i can...he is after all my boyfriend
tommiezgrl69: well, not ne more
tommiezgrl69: he doesnt love u, he only loves me...and thats just how it goes, ur in denile
luvahyte0350: well....lets see, he says that he doesnt know who u r...looks like u r in denile
tommiezgrl69: he loves me....see------>
T25243:I love u natasha, u know that

this is the hell i get for trying so hard in life?!
i guess i was daft to believe him after all...i love him SO damn much...cant believe that he would do that!
well...dont love ne one, im broken....KIANA*
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March 8 2004, 21:30:43 UTC 12 years ago

Hey it's Tommy.
Amanda, I love you with all my heart. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I need you in my life. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You mean everything to me. I love you and only you.
I know you won't believe me , but please try. I need you to. I need you in my life.
I love you.