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Other than that Mrs Lincoln........" "

My draggy!
I got my draggy at!!!
Get one!

heehee, isnt he just the cutest little dragon u have ever seen?! I think he's I went to an Everblades game friday, saturday i went to dinner, the beach for sunset, and then the movies and saw Secret Window *damn Skitzo*, trina spent the night *slurps and drurps*....teehee, it's a joke, im not creepy, most of the time....
well, sunday i went to country jam with twinkie, and BB, and then to Tommy's for dinner....Sean is mean. just accept is guys! Has ne one found out who wrote that comment about the last entry, it wasnt a suicide attempt, it was im gonna be dead because i left the dog outside....rotflmao...dumb-o' Today i was cleaning all day, i got squirted by steven and ant and ty with water guns, and they woke me and trina up at like 7 by knocking on the window....i dont know if i have band tomorrow, and some creep is calling me. I have been cleaning all day...and i didnt take my Zoloft and so....i have to have hand sanitizer!!!!!! and can ne one tell me how to make me font bigger????
im blind and cant read it!
i have an appointment wednesday, and get contacts-----maybe!
i have to-----"see" ash on tuesday, making mental notes...sry everyone
gonna go, love everyone, Kiana
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