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Contact paper and fluid.........

Sound strange, yea well, it is!
I got my contacts yesterday
I get my new glasses sometime this next week, and I get to pick ym schedule for next year.
Everything for the past like 30 hourse feels meaningless, as if i am floating in a dream pool. So slow, dripping along. My contacts sucking themselves onto my eyes like contact paper...and me slossing them with rewetting drops because it is so FRGGIN DRY HERE RIGHT NOW! My thoughts.....what thoughts? Im like a blank canvas in a closet waiting for an artist that has died in his art-room, never-to-be-discovered. WOW! That was really emo-nistic...sry everyone..feeling empty and loveless....well, im gonna eat, see what there is to do tonight, take a shower at some point, but that means I have to take my contacts out again....OH WELL....
YAY, tommy just cam home, havent talked to him since well.....30 hrs
love u all, Kiana
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